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Application Tips & Information

Want to ensure your application gets processed without delay? 

Follow these tips!

  1.   Fill out the application completely.   We will not process incomplete applications.  We will not notify you if your application is incomplete. This is the main reason an application is not processed.  
  2. Vet Information: name of practice, name of vet, name of animals treated and phone number.  If you do not currently have a vet - let us know that, and why.  Unfortunately we do not have the manpower to search for any of this information, and if you do not include it, your application will be marked as incomplete.
  3. References:   Make sure your references know we will be calling.  Many times an application is put on hold when we cannot reach your references.
  1. Social Media:   We will not discuss the particulars of your application via any social media.  The people who run our social media channels, are not the same as those who process the applications.  No posts asking for information regarding an application will be made public on any of our pages.  You can send a private message via our group or public page, and the volunteers will do their best to get you the information. 
  2. Answer honestly:   Your answers will permit us to more effectively match your needs with a dog in our program.
  1. Additional Questions:   The adoption committee may have additional questions that are not covered on your application (usually via email).  Please answer these as quickly as you can, as your application will be placed on hold until the questions are answered.
  1. Foster to Adopt:   We do not offer this as an option, unless noted on a particular dog.
May contain: grass, plant, animal, canine, dog, mammal, pet, puppy, german shepherd, hot tub, and tub


We do not "Cat Test" our dogs

We will contact you once your application is approved.

This usually takes 2 - 4 weeks.  If you have not heard from us, please check your SPAM folder.

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